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Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for the Heat?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Southern California weather may be the envy of much of the rest of the country, but our summers are nothing to take lightly. Air conditioners undergo heavy workouts during the lengthy hot season, with days ranging from warm to scorching. Your home’s central AC will likely run every day for the majority of the summer, so it is very important to make sure that the system is ready for that significant workload. You don’t want to deal with an ineffective air conditioner, expensive repairs, or “worst case scenario” total system breakdown during the hottest days of the years.

JC Mechanical Inc. can help see that your air conditioning in Garden Grove, CA is in the best shape possible to handle the heat with minimal trouble. Call us today to sign up for our maintenance program or to have any repairs done before the temperature grows any warmer. You can trust to our more than two decades of experience keeping homes cool through the Southern California summers.

Spring maintenance is the key to summer readiness

Although you can take a few basic steps on your own to see that an AC is ready for summer, such as changing the air filter and paying close attention to odd noises from the cabinet when you first turn it on, the most important part of preparing residential air conditioning for the rigors of hot weather is to arrange for a spring maintenance visit from an HVAC professional. This maintenance provides an AC with an inspection and tune-up that will reduce wear and tear on the unit, locate any hidden repair issues, and make adjustments that will keep the system running at its most energy efficient.

During maintenance, the technician cleans the important components of the AC, such as the coils and the motors, to see that they present the lowest risk possible of failing in the next few months. If the technician notices places where aging components or excess strain is leading to a future malfunction, he or she will bring your attention to it so you can arrange for the necessary repair work before the AC starts its regular summer schedule. The technician also checks that the air filter is clean and there are no other airflow issues that will place undue strain on the system.

Once the maintenance session is over, you’ll have an air conditioner that should present you with few to no troubles over the summer. Although there’s no way to avoid all repair needs in an air conditioner, maintenance can prevent around 85% of them.

If you have yet to schedule maintenance for your home’s air conditioning in Garden Grove, CA, call JC Mechanical Inc. today and we’ll be glad to set up a convenient appointment to take care of it.

Why You Should Consider Ductless Heating

Friday, March 20th, 2015

One of the images in the popular imagination of heating a building is a large furnace hooked up to a network of metal ducts that spread throughout the building. Although this image is a bit out of date (ductwork is often made from flexible material today), it is still true that most forced-air central heating systems must rely on ductwork to distribute heat through a home.

Most, but not all. Ductless heating is an option you can consider for your home. If you are planning to build a new house or remodel your current one, or if you live in an older home without the space for ducts, you should look into the installation of ductless heating. Call JC Mechanical Inc. and speak to our heating specialists, and they will help you decide if a ductless heating system is a good choice for you. We provide full service for ductless heating in Costa Mesa, CA.

The benefits of ductless heating

There are some significant advantages to going with a ductless system for your next installation. Here are a few:

  • Heating and cooling: Ductless systems are a type of heat pump: ductless mini split heat pumps. This means that, like standard split heat pumps, they can both heat and cool a home. During cold weather, they absorb heat from outside and release it inside. During warm weather, they absorb heat from inside and release it outside. Although ductless heating can experience some efficiency trouble in heating mode when the temperature drops below freezing, this almost never happens in Costa Mesa.
  • Energy efficiency: The lack of ducts helps a ductless mini split heat pump obtain higher efficiency than other systems. This is because there is no heat loss along the length of the ducts. Individual air handler units send the air straight out into rooms.
  • Improved air quality: Ductless heating is advantageous for homes that have residents who suffer from asthma and allergies. Ducts will pick up dust, pollen, dander, and other debris over time, which the airflow will then blow out into the rooms. Ductless mini splits don’t have this concern, making them a great way to cut down on allergens in your air.
  • Excellent for smaller and older homes: If you want to enjoy the benefits of central heating, but you don’t have space for ducts and a boiler is not an option, then a ductless mini split is a great choice. Installers can put a unit in quickly, and you can start enjoying central heating where you never thought it was possible.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are not right for every home; if your house already has a duct network, it is probably best to stay with a standard heat pump or furnace. However, if the description above makes it sound as if a ductless system is the right match for your current or future home, call JC Mechanical Inc. today and set up an appointment to learn more about our professional heating service in Costa Mesa, CA.

What Is Blown-In Insulation?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Irvine is a planned city, and part of that planning was to place it in a location with warm weather around the year. However, the summers can still grow extremely hot here, and it’s important that your home has effective insulation in the walls and the attic to prevent excess heat from entering your home during the hottest periods of the year. If a house lacks a strong heat seal, it will mean higher temperatures indoors and energy wasted running the air conditioner for longer periods of time. (Insulation helps on the few cold days as well, keeping heat trapped indoors).

If you are looking for better insulation in Irvine, CA, call JC Mechanical Inc. We offer insulation services to seal up gaps and shore up the heat sealing on homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient.

One type of insulation we often use on the job is blown-in insulation. People usually think of fiberglass batts in connection to the word insulation, the fluffy pink material found in attics. But blown-in insulation is very common and serves an important purpose in providing an effective heat seal for a home. Blown-in insulation consists of chunks of fiberglass or cellulose (which comes from recycled newspapers) churned inside a large machine that blows the pieces through a hose that the installer uses to place down a layer wherever it’s needed.

Blown-in insulation can create a seamless layer in an attic or other parts of the house, and putting it in is usually speedier than installing fiberglass batts. Blown-in insulation is also excellent at filling in corners and odd-shaped sections of attics and walls that batts would have a difficult time fitting. On the other hand, batts tend to have higher R-values (which means they are more effective at stopping the movement of heat) and in some situations are the superior choice.

You must have professionals on the job to provide the correct insulation. At JC Mechanical Inc., we use all types of insulation to do a job, mixing them in order to deliver the best results. Whether you need fiberglass batts or blown-in insulation for your home, you can trust to our team to see that you have the insulation in Irvine, CA that will do the job of keeping your house energy efficient. Give us a call today.

Should I Install a Boiler for Home Heating?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Keeping a home in Southern California warm during the colder seasons isn’t as taxing a job as making it through the hot summers. But this actually makes it even more important that you select the right heater for your home: you want to have a heating system that will provide enough heat for the short periods when it’s necessary, but which will not drain too much money while it’s running. You should aim for a combination of efficiency and heating power that will line up with your budget.

One possibility to consider for home heating is a boiler. Boilers are not as common as furnaces, but they have some features that give them a special edge. To find out more details and to see if a boiler is a wise choice for your home, contact JC Mechanical Inc. We offer installation and other services for boilers in Santa Ana, CA and throughout Southern California.

Some reasons to consider a boiler for your next heating installation

  • Energy efficiency: Boilers, especially gas boilers, work at high levels of energy efficiency. Because they do not use forced-air for heat the way that a furnace does, they don’t lose heat through ductwork.
  • Long lifespan: There are few heating systems on the market today that can outlast a boiler. The reason for this is that boilers do not contain a large number of mechanical parts; they work primarily through water circulation. With fewer moving parts to wear down, a boiler can obtain a lengthy service life, helping you receive the most out of your initial investment. You can also expect to spend less money on repairs for a boiler (provided that you keep up with regular maintenance).
  • Even heating: Boilers use radiant heating to warm up rooms. They send heated water to raise the temperature of various terminal points (radiators, baseboard heaters) which then send heat waves into the space. This creates a more even spread of heat through a room than air blown from a vent.
  • Better indoor air quality: Radiant heating is also cleaner heating, since it doesn’t pick up and blow around dust and dirt that collects inside ductwork. If you have people in your household who suffer from allergies or asthma, a boiler is an excellent option to give them relief.

A boiler isn’t the best match for every home, and other systems such as furnaces and heat pumps have their advantages as well. To find out what your best options for home heating are, call JC Mechanical Inc. and let our technicians assist you. From furnaces to boilers in Santa Ana, CA, let us help you make the best choice.