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High and Low Humidity Can Affect Your Home’s Comfort

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Here in La Habra, CA, we’ve experienced an unusually muggy summer, which brings the issue of relative humidity to the forefront. We tend to focus exclusively on air conditioning and heating when discussing your home’s comfort, but humidity levels—both high and low—can have an equally large impact. The good news is that systems exist to correct the issue: humidifiers to treat low humidity levels and dehumidifiers to treat high ones. But before you set up an installation session, it pays to understand how high and low humidity can affect your home’s comfort. (more…)

3 Indoor Air Quality Devices That Help Your Air Conditioner

Monday, August 24th, 2015

We’ve hit the height of summer here in La Habra, CA, with tons of humidity this year as well as our usual Southern California heat. Your air conditioner can use all of the help it can get to keep your home cool, since you’ll be called upon to use it every day. You may be surprised to learn that indoor air quality devices—designed to reduce dust, bacteria and other contaminants in your air—can have a positive effect on your air conditioner as well. In many cases, they lower the strain on the systems, saving you energy and reducing monthly bills as well as decreasing the chances that your air conditioner will suffer a breakdown. Here are 3 indoor air quality devices that help your air conditioner, as well as making your home environment a nicer place to be. (more…)

Should I Wait Until Summer Ends for Air Conditioning Repair?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Prudent homeowners in La Habra, CA, usually use the end of summer as a chance to perform maintenance duties on their air conditioners to correct any little problems that cropped up over the past few months and to get a jump on next year’s cooling season. It’s a wise policy, but it sometimes leads to a less wise one: letting more serious repairs sit until summer is over and continuing to run the air conditioner in the interim. Many problems don’t shut the air conditioner down outright, but they do create some significant issues which can cost you quite a bit if you wait until the summer ends to schedule air conditioning repair. (more…)

How Does a UV Air Purifier Work?

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Here in La Habra, CA, indoor air quality often takes a back seat to air conditioning. Our summers are hot and you need a quality air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. But indoor air quality—particularly the presence of germs and biological contaminants—is almost as much of a problem, and without taking steps to combat it, all the cool temperatures in the world won’t help you. This is particularly true if you have a newborn baby in the household, if you have an elderly family member or if anyone in your household suffers from asthma or similar conditions. The answer is a UV air purifier, which serves as a ferocious first line of defense against all kinds of biological contamination. How does it work? Here’s a quick breakdown. (more…)

Possible Causes of Low Air Flow in My Air Conditioner

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Your air conditioner serves two basic functions in performing its duties: cooling the air, and then blowing that air through the ductwork that extends throughout your home. Many air conditioning repair calls focus on the first part of the equation, but the second is just as important. After all, what good is the ability to cool the air if you can’t pass it on to the space in your home? Here in La Habra, CA, our mild temperatures can mitigate some of that, but you still need to pay attention when the air flow from your air conditioner drops. It can cost you a great deal in wasted energy, as well as increasing the strain on your system overall. There are numerous possible causes of low air flow in your air conditioner, a few of which are listed below: (more…)