3 Things to Know about Commercial HVAC Replacement

Air conditioning for commercial properties differs from air conditioning for residential buildings in a number of ways, and larger space is only the start of the issue. A commercial system often needs variable zone controls for multiple occupants, to allow them to tailor the temperature to their needs. And some businesses have specific cooling requirements, especially those with heavy computer use or other equipment that requires temperature control. We replaced 2 roof top units for a local church recently, an indoor space with high ceilings that tends to get very hot during the summer.

There are several concerns that business owners have replacing an existing HVAC unit with a new one: you don’t want to disrupt business operations, and you’ll want it to be completed quickly without skimping on quality. That’s especially important in La Habra, CA, where summer temperatures soar and you can’t afford to go without HVAC services for long. Here are 3 things to know with commercial HVAC replacement before you start the operation.

1.     Set Up a Maintenance Plan for Your New System

Annual maintenance plans can improve the efficiency of your system and help it last much longer than it might otherwise. An HVAC replacement is the perfect time to set up a schedule and to fit a maintenance plan into your budget.

2.     Modular Units Can Help

Commercial HVAC systems often use modular units, which can be added and subtracted very quickly without disrupting the whole system. Perform an energy audit before you start, and know how many units you need for the whole space – occupied and unoccupied. That should give you a sense of how many additional units you may need in the future.

3.     Factor in Monthly Savings

New systems are invariably more efficient than old ones, and your replacement HVAC should save you a great deal on monthly costs. Many office managers balk at the up-front costs of replacing an HVAC system, but the savings over time can be substantial.

For more details on commercial HVAC replacement, call on the experts at JC Mechanical Inc. We have years of experience with commercial systems and know how to do the job right!

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