Benefits of Modular Commercial HVAC Systems

In most cases, homes in the La Habra, CA area rely on centralized units to handle their heating and air conditioning services: a single unit that generates all of the hot or cool air you need, then distributes it via a system of ducts. Commercial offices and retail space have much different needs from their HVAC system, and a centralized unit, while great for homes, can create a number of problems for such a space. That’s why many of them rely on modular units: multiple heating or air conditioning systems connected to the main ducts and combining to generate sufficient heating or cooling power instead of relying on one machine to do it all. The benefits of such a system for your business cannot be stressed enough.

Flexible Power Levels

The power output needs of a given business space can change very quickly. In some cases, the business is growing or has new equipment like computers that have specific heating and cooling needs. In others, the old business has vacated the space and a new one has arrived with completely different heating and cooling needs. Modular systems allow you to address that without having to replace the entire system. Simply add new units to the main system, or take old ones away as needed.

Ease of Repairs

No business can tolerate a loss of heat or air conditioner power. It could damage products or equipment, it makes the working atmosphere uncomfortable for employees, and customers will happily go elsewhere rather than put up with it. If a centralized commercial HVAC breaks down, you need to scramble to make repairs quickly before it disrupts operations. With a modular system, however, you can simply shut off the faulty unit and rely on the others to carry the load until a technician can fix it.

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