Beware of These AC Myths

Air conditioning is a part of our lives here in La Habra, CA, and with summer coming you’re going to be using yours more than ever. But few people understand how an AC system works, and as such a lot of harmful myths have circulated about ways to use them. They can end up costing you quite a bit in wasted energy if you’re not careful. We’ve spelled out a few of the more common ones below, letting you watch out for them and correct your air conditioning habits if necessary.

Myth: The AC Releases Cooler Air if you Lower the Thermostat

It’s perfectly understandable to think that the air coming out of the AC will be cooler if you lower the temperature on your thermostat. Unfortunately, air conditioners don’t work that way,. They basically have two settings — on and off — and the thermostat simply determines how long they run to reach the desired temperature, not the temperature itself. Never lower the thermostat setting to try to cool the house more quickly. You’ll only add unnecessary strain to the system.

Myth: Running the AC All Day is Preferable to Turning it on in the Heat of the Afternoon

Air conditioners use much more energy starting up and shutting down than they do simply running. Because of that, many people choose to run their air conditioners all day while they’re at work or school, instead of coming home to a hot house and trying to cool it off then. The money you lose cooling an empty house is far more than the cost of turning the system on in the heat of the afternoon or early evening. Instead, program your thermostat to activate the air conditioner 15-20 minutes before you normally arrive home. The house will be cool and you won’t have to pay more than you need to for it.

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