Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Everyone knows that California can be quite hot during the summer season, sometimes brutally so. In order to make it through the season comfortably, as we believe that you deserve to, you must have a great air conditioning system installed in your home. Of course, even the best air conditioner ever made will fail to impress if it is simply not the right fit for your home, your usage habits, or your personal preferences. That is why it is so important that you work with a skilled, trained professional when choosing your new air conditioning system in La Habra, CA. Give the experts at JC Mechanical Inc. a call today to ensure that your new AC is perfect for your unique situation.

With all of the air conditioning systems available today, it really is necessary that you get to know your options before deciding upon which you will use to cool your home. Traditional split central air conditioners are still the most popular option in the residential sector. An outdoor unit connects to an air handler inside, and conditioned air is distributed throughout the home via ductwork.

Heat pumps work in the much the same manner, but offer a few benefits that traditional AC systems do not. To start with, heat pumps feature a reversing valve. This valve actually allows the heat pump to reverse its function. Traditional central air conditioners and heat pumps cool your home by removing heat from the air inside and redistributing that heat throughout the house. By reversing its operation, though, a heat pump is actually able to draw heat from the air outside in order to use it in warming your home. This is a great option for year round comfort in areas such as ours, where winter temperatures are mild.

Finally, consider the installation of a ductless air conditioning system. Like air-source heat pumps, these devices can also use heat in the air outside in order to warm your home. They do not require any ductwork in order to distribute this heat, though. Instead, individual, wall mounted blowers are used. Contact JC Mechanical Inc. today to learn more about your options for quality air conditioning in La Habra, CA.

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