Does My AC Unit Have to Be Serviced?

If you have an air conditioner here in Orange, CA — and if you don’t then you really should, since our summers are too hot to go without it — then it’s imperative to get it serviced at least once a year and possibly more often. You may as well ask whether your car needs an oil change or not. In the immediacy of the moment, probably not, but if you don’t schedule one on a regular basis, it’s apt to cause a lot of trouble very quickly.

What is an AC Servicing?

A servicing is really a tune-up designed to catch potential trouble before it starts, as well as giving the technician a change to address all those little issues that can contribute to a big problem. A loose bolt, for instance, can cause a component to rattle in its housings, reducing its effectiveness and increasing the strain on the system as a whole. Clogged air filters can reduce the flow of air to your system, and moving parts need periodical lubrication to keep friction to a minimum. Right now is an ideal time to schedule a servicing not only because you can enjoy the benefits for the rest of the summer, but because right now we’re offering a $75 maintenance contract allowing you to enjoy maximum savings on the operation.

What Are The Benefits?

The most obvious benefit is the improved performance of your air conditioning. Correcting all those little issues means that your system will perform more effectively, lowering your bills in many cases and reducing the risk of repairs. In addition, the session lets the technician spot early signs of bigger problems, and schedule a repair session to address it before it causes a breakdown in the middle of a heat wave.

Call Jc Mechanical Inc. to schedule an air conditioning service session.

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