How Does a UV Air Purifier Help Me?

UV stands for “ultraviolet,” a wavelength of light that exists outside of our normal spectrum of vision. It appears in sunlight in reasonably high amounts, causing our skin to tan or burn if we spend too much time out in the sun. At lower levels, UV light bulbs can be used ¬†at places like Disneyland here in Anaheim to make your clothes glow in the dark. At those levels, they’re perfectly safe for human beings and pets. But small one-celled organisms like germs are either killed or sterilized on contact, making UV light an ideal way to keep your air purified inside your home. Here’s a brief look at how a UV air purifier works.

Finding the Right Location

Shining a UV light over a patch of air will kill the germs and bacteria in it, but you can simply run around your home waving one over your head. You need a space that will cover the most amount of air with the least amount of effort. That’s where you air conditioner comes in. Centralized systems cycle the air in your home through the ducts as they work, making the apex of the ducts an ideal place to install a UV air purifier. The light forms a barrier across the width of the ducts stretching form top to bottom with no wiggle room at all. When you turn on your air conditioner (or heater in the winter), the air blows right through the light, cleansing any germs or bacteria that happen to be present. Over time, it can scrub all of the air in your home clean.

The Results

As a result, instances of illness in your family will go down and your air will feel fresher and purer as a result. We especially recommend them for households with infants, elderly residents or breathing issues such asthma.

JC Mechanical can install and maintain UV air purifiers for you!

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