How to Respond to a Sudden AC Breakdown

No one likes to think about their air conditioner suddenly stopping in the middle of a heat wave. Orange, CA and similar nearby cities can often hit triple digits in June and July, and the prospect of going without an AC unit can be daunting indeed. But it does happen from time to time, and when it does, it helps to know exactly which steps to take. By responding calmly and quickly to an AC breakdown, you can prevent further damage and help get your system back online quickly.

Troubleshoot First

You should never attempt any kind of air conditioning repair yourself. It requires specific training and proper licensing. You can, however, take a few quick checks to determine if there really is a problem and not just a simple hiccup. Always check the breaker box to ensure that the power hasn’t been cut due to an outside electrical surge, then check the thermostat to see if the setting haven’t been altered. (Sometimes it can be as easy as brushing up against the thermostat accidentally.) Finally, go outside and make sure the vents on the unit aren’t clogged with leaves or similar debris. Without proper venting, the system may shut down to avoid overheating components.

Sit Tight and Keep Cool

If you’ve determined that a repair service is necessary, it’s important to turn off power to the system — even if it isn’t running — and leave it off until a repair service arrives. In the meantime, it’s important to keep as cool as possible. If you have ceiling fans or other fans that aren’t part of your HVAC system, run them to move the air around. Close the shades on any windows letting sunlight in and refrain from opening outside doors or windows unless it’s absolutely necessary. Drink plenty of liquids and dress lightly until the system can be fixed.

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