Is Ductless Air Conditioning Right for Me?

Mention air conditioning and most of us think of the centralized models that generate cool air in one specific place, then distribute it through the home via ductwork. The ducts are usually located in hidden portions of the home, such as the crawlspace between the walls or up in the attic where they can’t be seen. But such a system, while effective, may not be right for every resident of La Habra, CA. In those cases, you certainly have options you can pursue, most notably ductless air conditioning systems, which (as you may have guessed) eliminate ductwork entirely. “Is ductless air conditioning right for me?” you ask. Here’s a quick primer to help answer that question.

How It Works

Ductless systems replace the centralized model with a decentralized system utilizing numerous individual air conditioning units placed throughout your home. Each unit consists of an outdoor portion connected to indoor blowers, and each one is controlled by its own separate thermostat. The individual units are smaller, sized to cool just one room or section of the home or business. But because they are independently controlled, you can set the temperature for each room separately, and (more importantly) turn off the air in parts of the house that you aren’t occupying.

Who This Benefits

For some homes, this won’t make much of a difference, especially those with existing ducts or that have a small amount of space to cool. But larger homes can definitely benefit from a ductless system, helping them to cut down on air conditioning bills as well as tailoring the temperature in each room to match the individual tastes of members of the household. It also works quite well for homes that can’t support a ducted system, but who still want to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning.

If your home can’t support a ducted system, or you feel that ductless air conditioning provides a preferable alternative to your existing unit, then give the experts at JC Mechanical a call today.

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