Running Your Air Conditioning in the Winter

Summers are hot and dry here in Yorba Linda, CA, and winters are usually very mild. Indeed, we’ve had more than a few hot spells already this fall, and we may get more before the temperature starts to warm up again in the spring. It’s natural in those periods to run the air conditioning system instead of the heater, especially during the day when the temperatures are at their hottest. By following a few tips, you can make sure you can switch over easily and don’t incur any waste or extra costs.

When Should I Run My Air Conditioner?

Strictly speaking, you should never run the air conditioner when the outside temperature is lower than 65 degrees or so. It can result in huge problems, including oil solidifying in the system and ice forming on the refrigerant, which can result in a serious breakdown if it’s left unchecked. Make sure you only turn on the air conditioner when temperatures are high enough to justify it, and always turn it off when the temperature starts to drop. (Some new models have ambient controls that shut the system down when the temperature is too cold. If yours does so, take note of when it does and what the temperature is.)

Watch Out for Dry Air

Air conditioners serve as dehumidifiers when they run, since lowering the temperature of the air removes the ambient moisture. This can lead to excessively dry air in your home, causes static electricity, dry skin and a host of other problems. If you run your air conditioner on a hot day, make sure you keep an eye on the humidity levels, and turn on a humidifier or turn off the AC if your skin starts to feel dry or itchy.

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