The Heat Is On: Improve Your AC’s Efficiency

We’ve enjoyed a great deal of June gloom so far this year, with cooler temperatures here in Fullerton. CA and a reduced need for your air conditioner. That changed this weekend with the arrival of our first serious heat wave of the year. Chances are you’re going to need your system to perform at its peak every day until September at the very least. That’s going to cost you a great deal in monthly bills, and the added strain increases the chances of a breakdown as well. But with more judicious use of your air conditioner, you can cut down on those bills without skimping on the cool air you need to stay comfortable. Here’s how.

Don’t Just Run It

Many people start their air conditioners in the cool of the morning, then let them run all day while they go to work or school. It leaves the home comfortable when you come back at the end of the day and seems to be more efficient than trying to cool down a hot house in the late afternoon. It isn’t. The cost of running your air conditioner all day to little effect is much higher than simply starting it up in the heat of the afternoon and letting it cool down the house. Furthermore, more thermostats have a programming feature, letting you start the AC 15-20 minutes before you expect to arrive home, and enjoying a comfortable house without wasting so much energy.

Don’t Set It Lower Than It Needs to Be

Some people tend to set the temperature in their home lower than they’d like it in the hopes that it will cool things off more quickly. It won’t. In fact, it often wastes a lot of energy in the process. Air conditioners are either on or off, and lowering the settings on the thermostat only cause them to run longer than they need to.

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