What Does Dripping Water Mean for My Air Conditioner?

With summer on the way here in Anaheim, CA, it’s time to keep a close eye on your air conditioner for potential problems. June gloom has spared us the worst of the heat so far this year,  but it’s only a matter of time before those triple-digit temperatures hit us like a ton of bricks. Your air conditioner will need to run every day once summer begins in earnest, and the sooner you can spot signs of trouble, the more readily you can address it before it shuts your system down.

Take dripping water, for instance. Most people don’t think much of it, and indeed if you’ve run the air conditioner in your car, you may have noticed a dripping puddle of water underneath when you stop. That’s condensation from the system, and in your car, it usually isn’t a problem. The street can usually handle a little bit of water just fine. When it happens in your air conditioner, at home, however, it’s quite a different story, and if you notice dripping water in your system, you need to call in the cavalry.

How Is It Caused?

Dripping water is usually caused by a problem with the condensate pan, which collects the liquid droplets that coalesce when you cool the air. A drain line carries the liquid out of your system. But if the drain line gets clogged, a leak springs up in the pan, the pan becomes misaligned, or even if the amount of water involved  overwhelms the system. When the water drips out, it can short circuit more important components, and turn the comparatively simple job of fixing the issue with the drain pan into a very expensive repair. If you spot signs of dripping water in your system, turn it off and summon a repair service before you proceed.

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