Why are Commercial HVAC Systems Placed on the Roof?

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems differ from residential systems in a number of ways. They’re more complex, require finer degrees of control, and of course need to heat and cool a much larger space. Here in Tustin, CA, that’s far more than a luxury, since businesses need every advantage they can get in maintaining a comfortable environment. Rooftop units offer a number of tangible advantages over commercial HVAC systems placed elsewhere. Here’s a brief discussion of some of the bigger ones.


Most rooftop commercial systems are modular, which means you can add new units onto them in order to meet increasing demand. Business needs change all the time when a new business moves into the same space or an existing one has new demands put on it. Modular units let you meet those demands without ripping out the entire system, and the rooftop provides the ideal place for you to add more units without disrupting the work going on inside the building.

Ease of Repair

Rooftop units can be easily accessed through the stairs or elevator in most buildings, making it easy for technicians to access in the event of repairs. More importantly, they can conduct those repairs without disrupting your employees below, or forcing you to close your doors to potential customers while the repairs take place.


Businesses need space for work stations of desks, storage, parking and equipment. Any space occupied by an air conditioner is space that can be put to more effective use. By putting the air conditioners on the roof, you remove them from the equation and ensure that you’re taking advantage of every square foot.

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