Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

Our air conditioners run for long periods of time here in La Habra, CA, but if yours won’t shut off after it’s clearly supposed to, there may be something significantly wrong. If you notice your air conditioner running past the point when it’s sufficiently cooled your house, or struggling to do its job by running for hours on end without the air cooling sufficiently, turn it off—by cutting power to the unit if necessary—and call a skilled repair technician to resolve the problem. The exact nature of the problem varies, but may include one of the following issues:

  • Compressor Problems: If the compressor is dirty, it will have trouble venting heat into the outside air, causing the air conditioner to run constantly. It might also be caused by a more substantial problem with the compressor.
  • Low Refrigerant: If refrigerant runs low, your unit may struggle to cool the air as it should. This will cause it to run for excessive lengths of time, wasting energy and driving up your monthly cooling costs.
  • Improper Sizing: If your air conditioner is too small to cool your house, it will run for excessive lengths of time. You will probably need to replace the unit, and should check your warranty carefully to see what your options are.
  • Thermostat Problems: If your thermostat is malfunctioning, or even if it’s placed in a problematic part of the house (such as in a sun beam) then it won’t register the lowering temperature, causing your air conditioner to run excessively.
  • Low air flow: If your vents are blocked or there’s problems with the fan, the air won’t blow into your home like it should. That will keep the temperature from lowering the way it needs to.

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