Common Heat Pump Repair Issues

Heat pumps make an excellent solution to heating and cooling needs here in La Habra, CA. With our mild winters finally kicking in, they allow us to comfortably warm our homes without expending as much energy as other forms of heating (as well as acting as a reliable air conditioner in the summer). But with winter coming and people switching from cooling to heating mode, now is the time when common heat pump repair issues can crop up. When you spot them, shut your system down and call for a qualified repair service immediately.

Broken Reversal Valve

A broken reversal valve prevents the heat pump from switching back and forth between heating and cooling modes, which is one of the biggest advantages a heat pump offers over other HVAC systems. If yours won’t switch over to heating mode or continues to blow cool air when you need your home heated, you might need to get your reversal valve repaired or replaced.

Low Air Flow

Low air flow can cause a lot of problems with your heat pump, especially in the winter. When the hot air it generates can’t be moved into your home, it can cause important components to overheat and may precipitate a total shutdown. It can be caused by a number of things, from blockages in the vents to a faulty fan motor. A trained technician can get to the bottom of it.

Low Refrigerant

Heat pumps rely on cycling refrigerant to function, just like air conditioners. And like air conditioners, they need that refrigerant to be of a specific type and in a specific amount. When it leaks or otherwise runs low, its performance will be affected and in the worst cases it can lead to a cascading series of other problems.

For quality heat pump repair, the pros at JC Mechanical, Inc. are here to help!

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