3 Causes of Cold Spots in Your Home

Here in La Habra, CA, most households use forced-air furnaces to keep their homes warm in the winter. Furnaces rely on the same system of ducts that your air conditioner uses: blowing heated air through them and out of vents in the various rooms to gradually elevate the temperature.

But sometimes, that warmth isn’t applied evenly, or other factors step in to create cold spots in your home. The bad news is that they’re usually caused by specific problems in your home. The good news is that a trained technician from a professional service can usually get to the bottom of it. Here are 3 possible causes of cold spots in your home.

1. Poor Insulation

Because we live in Southern California, our homes are usually woefully under-insulated. In addition, cracks under doors and around windows are often left unaddressed because our winters are so mild. Uneven insulation or an insufficiently sealed door can easily create a cold spot nearby.

2. Problematic Furnaces

If the furnace itself is suffering from low air flow, it could create cold spots in areas that aren’t getting enough warm air. Clogged burners can sometimes create such an issue as well, as can problems with the vents themselves. You can prevent the issue with regular maintenance sessions for your heater, as well as a repair call to fix the specific issue.

3. Duct Breaches

A breach in your ducts will either pull conditioned air out of the system or suck unconditioned air in. Either way, it creates uneven heating conditions and can result in cold spots, especially if the breach takes place near an inside wall. A trained service technician can perform duct testing on your system to pinpoint the exact source of the trouble.

If your home suffers from cold spots or similar issues, call JC Mechanical, Inc. today to get them fixed!

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