3 Reasons to Schedule Heating Maintenance Now

A heating maintenance session should ideally be scheduled twice a year, once when heating season ends and once before it begins. We may be baking in our La Habra, CA summers now, but the recent rainstorm in Southern California showed us how fast the weather can change, and our chilly winter nights will be here before you know it. Now is the perfect time to schedule heating maintenance, which addresses countless little issues with your furnace and helps it run more efficiently. Here are 3 very good reasons why.

1.     Time Is a Luxury

Right now, you have plenty of time to schedule a session without having to worry about repairs or similar issues. It will likely be weeks before your heater is needed, which means you can set up a time that fits with your busy schedule instead of having to rush around to fit it in as soon as possible. If further repairs are needed, you have time to do that as well.

2.     An Ounce of Prevention Beats a Pound of Cure

Maintenance sessions help your heater function at its peak, as well as letting you spot potential repair issues before they get out of hand. By setting all that up now, you won’t get caught flat-footed when you need your heater the most, and you won’t have to run it without it performing at its highest levels of efficiency.

3.     You Don’t Need it Now

On top of everything else, you have no need of your heater in the middle of summer. That means you won’t have to sacrifice any comfort by leaving your heater off while the technician does his or her job. Contrast that with a fall or winter session, which may leave you and your family decidedly chilly until the process is completed.

Give the pros at JC Mechanical a call to set up a heating maintenance session today!

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