Check Your Heater for Early Problems

After a long summer, cooler weather is finally here in Anaheim, CA. If you haven’t run your heater for any appreciable length of time, you could benefit from turning it on and checking for any signs of trouble. Ideally, you will schedule a servicing session from a trained technician, who is the only one who can accurately diagnose a problem. But by looking for general signs of trouble — non-specific symptoms that speak to a larger problem — you at least know enough to turn off the system and summon repairs. Here’s a look at some symptoms to check for.

A Lack of Hot Air

If the air coming out of your vents is’t as warm as you expect, it usually speaks  a significant problem. Cooler air means that your heater is going to have to work harder to do its job, which leads to higher bills and an increased risk of a breakdown.

Low Air Flow

When fans and fan motors run into trouble, it can slow the flow of air trough your ducts. The same thing can happen with clogs and breaches in your ducts. The effects are much same as a lack of hot air: the heater needs to spend more energy, wear and tear goes up, and it will eventually cost you in higher bills and increased risk of a breakdown.

Strange Noises

A noise qualifies as strange anytime you don’t associated it with the normal functioning of your heater. In addition, strange noises will usually start up when you turn your heater on, and stop when you shut your heating system down.

High Bills

A higher-than-expected bill suggests a problem in the system that hasn’t shut it down, but is forcing it to use more energy to do its job.

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