Heating Repair Issues to Watch For

After months of stifling heat, the weather has finally begun to cool down in La Habra, CA, and with the arrival of fall comes the need to dust off your heater and put it to good use. Our winters are famously mild here in Southern California, but our nights can still get pretty chilly, and a good heater can see you through it comfortably. As you start using it, be sure to keep an eye out for any potential repair issues that may crop up. Now is the time to attend to them, before the weather gets much colder and you have ample opportunity to schedule repairs when you like.

Higher Bills

Many repair issues don’t subvert your heater’s ability to operate, but increase the strain on the system and force it to expend more energy to do its job. If left unattended, they could result in a much larger breakdown, and even if they don’t, they’ll end up costing you more in monthly bills even though you aren’t using the system any more than normal. If you notice an unexpected spike in your heating bill, it might be time to call a repair service.

Strange Noises

Every heater makes a certain amount of noise when it runs, and you’re probably accustomed to it by now. Any noise that doesn’t match those patterns probably indicates a problem. This can include grinding noises, hissing noises, hums and groans, clangs and anything else out of the ordinary. Never run your system when you detect a strange noise. Shut it off and call a technician.

Abnormal Heat Flow

“Abnormal heat flow” can include anything from a reduced level of heat to a slower air flow than you’re used to. It might also include “short cycling,” which is when the system turns on and off rapidly numerous times throughout the day.

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