The Trouble with Low Air Flow in Your Furnace

Brea, CA doesn’t get cold weather the way cities do elsewhere in the country. Here in sunny So Cal, a heating problem is more of a nuisance than an emergency.  Even so, it’s not exactly boiling outside these days, and while we don’t pay much for good heating, we shouldn’t be paying more than necessary. This extends to any kinds of repair issues you might encounter. Spotting the signs early and summoning a professional can make a huge difference as to the size of the bill and simplicity of the solution.

Among the more common issues with forced-air furnaces is lowered air flow, which occurs for any number of reasons. Most of the time, the trouble involves the fan motor or the fan blades themselves, which might struggle to blow the air through the ducts sufficiently. It could also be something blocking the progress of the air through the ducts: a clogged filter, a divot in the ducts or perhaps a breach.

Regardless of the causes, reduced air flow has a number of detrimental effects on your heating system:

  • It increases strain by lowering here rate at which the heater warms the home. hat means the heater needs to work harder to do its job, monthly bills will go up, and the strain could eventually impact other components ion the heater as well.
  • In cases where the hot is can’t move out of the furnace itself, it will cause components to overheat. Most modern furnaces will shut off automatically rather than risk damage to expensive components,  but that still leaves you without reliable heat until the issue gets properly addressed. The sooner you can do that, the better.

If you spot low air flow in your vents, don’t keep running the system. Turn it off immediately, and then call the pros at JC Mechanical, Inc. to make repairs!

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