Time for Heating Maintenance

Summer isn’t over by a long shot here in Anaheim, CA, but cooler weather is on its way, and the arrival of Labor Day makes a great spot on the calendar to give your heating system a little once-over. Some of it can be performed yourself, such as replacing the filters and planning to adjust the thermostat when the time comes. But the best thing you can do for your heater this fall is to schedule a heating maintenance session from a trained technician.

What Is Maintenance?

A maintenance session is designed to accomplish two goals for your heater:

  1. Address small issues like loose bolts and clogged burners that can increase the strain on your system and lower its overall efficiency.  That allows your heater to do its job without costing you as much in monthly bills. When applied over time, maintenance sessions can even extend the overall life of your heating system.
  2. Look for potentially serious issues that may be waiting in the wings. That lets you handle repairs for such issues with more advance notice, and address them while they’re still comparatively inexpensive.

Why Now?

It may seem odd to think about heating issues now, when temperatures are still high. But September gives you plenty of time now only to schedule the maintenance session itself, but to plan for further repairs in case they’re necessary before heating season starts. The warm weather means you can do so without shutting your heater down when you need it, and with maintenance or repairs completed, you know your system will be ready to go when you need it, instead of forcing you to scramble in the face of cold weather to handle some problem or another.

The pros at J.C. Mechanical, Inc. can handle heating maintenance calls throughout Southern California. Contact us today!

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