Troubleshooting your Furnace Burners

If you live in the Fullerton, CA area, you most likely use a gas furnace to heat your home. They’re quite effective in mild climates like ours and most Southern California homes have gas lines to fuel them. That puts the bulk of the furnace’s duties on the burners, which will cause the system to work inefficiently, or not at all in the worst circumstances.  Only a trained technician can conduct proper repairs on the burner if they quit working, but your can do a little troubleshooting yourself in order to avoid the expense of a repair call in some circumstances.

Why Burners Fail

Burners can fail for any number of reasons, including mechanical malfunction and becoming clogged with grime and dirt. But they can also fail when the reset button is triggered, or if the filters have become unduly dirty. Clogged or broken burners need a technician to correct, but these other problems are easy enough to fix without having a professional on-hand.

How to Correct It

Start by checking the power box to see if electrical power has been cut off from the system.  Then check the thermostat to make sure someone hasn’t turned it off by mistake. After that, check the filter to see if it needs changing. You can buy replacement filters at any home improvement store and switch them out yourself. Finally, check your vents and make sure that no more than a few of them are closed. (No more than, say, 20% of the total vents). That can shut the system down before key components overheat. Only once these steps are complete should you turn the system off (if it’s not off already), and call a repair service.

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