What Is a Ductless Heating System?

Here in La Habra, CA, most houses use traditional forced-air furnaces, which depend on the same system of centralized ducts that your air conditioner does: generating hot air and then blowing it through the ducts to the various rooms in your home. They’re not the only kind of system on the market, however, and if a traditional system doesn’t work for your family, then you might want to consider an alternate option. Specifically, a ductless heating system can solve a number of problems that centralized systems don’t. What is it and how can it benefit you? Read on for the answers.

Individual Units

You can think of a ductless system as a “decentralized” heating system. Instead of one unit generating the heat, it’s left to a number of individual units, installed throughout your house and featuring their own individual thermostats and controls. They each are charged with heating a single room or section of your home, and can be turned on or off separately from the rest of them.

The Advantages

Ductless systems make an elegant solution if your home can’t support centralized ducts for whatever reason. More importantly, because you can turn each unit on and off separately, it lets you heat only those parts of the home you need to, while leaving the rest of them turned off. As a result, you don’t use as much energy and your system undergoes less strain: lowering your monthly bills and reducing the risk of a breakdown. On a less pressing level, the system lets you tailor the temperatures in each room separately: allowing family members in one room to set one temperature and members in a different room set a completely different temperature.

If a ductless heating system sounds like a good fit for you, or you have an existing system and need some repairs performed, contact JC Mechanical today!

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