When Should I Consider a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Most homes in the Fullerton, CA area rely on centralized HVAC systems, which generate hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer from a single locale. The furnace or air conditioner will then blow the heated or cool air through your home via a system of ducts. It’s an effective system, but it’s not the only one available, and depending on your needs, it might not be the best fit.

We often recommend ductless mini-split systems for certain homes looking for alternative options. Ductless systems get rid of the ductwork in favor of a more decentralized approach. Individual units are set up throughout your home, each one heating or cooling a specific section. Each unit can be turned on and off independently of the others, and can run different temperatures than the rest of the system if need be.

Ductless systems cost more to install than centralized systems, but they come with a number of benefits, including the ability to tailor temperatures in different parts of the house to suit individual tastes, and the ability to lower bills by only running hot air in parts of the house being occupied. But those benefits can do more for some homes than for others, which can have a huge impact on the kinds of houses for which ductless systems are best suited. Those houses can include the following:

  • Those without ducts, either because they were built before the advent of air conditioning, or because they possess certain architectural quirks that prevent a system of ducts from being installed.
  • Larger homes, which may struggle to heat or cool their space adequately with a centralized system.
  • Homes with many occupants, especially boarding houses and hospices which often require different temperatures for different occupants in different rooms.

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