Why Is Sizing So Important in a New Heating System?

Last week, we discussed the specifics of selecting a new heating system, which is a fairly common procedure this time of year. With winter on its way here in Fullerton, CA, replacing an old heater now just makes a lot of sense. Among the factors we noted was the need to properly size your heating system: to make sure it fits with the unique parameters of your home. This week, we’d like to go into a little more detail about what exactly that means.

The Goldilocks Rule

A new heating system needs to follow what we like to call the Goldilocks rule: neither too powerful nor underpowered,¬†but sized just right. We don’t need to tell you that an underpowered heater will run constantly and struggle to keep your home warm: costing you money in higher bills in the process. But overpowered heaters offer the same dilemma: they heat the home too quickly, turning on and off rapidly in a process known as short cycling. That can be very hard on the fan motor and other key components, as well as elevating the amount of energy your heating system consumes. A proper balance between those two is essential to proper heater functions.

How to Determine the Right Size

Proper sizing involves a careful examination of your home from a trained technician.Square footage is the most important¬†factor when it comes to sizing a new heater, but it’s not the only one. For instance, a home with more insulation will likely require a smaller heater than a similar sized home without, and a home with a lot of sunlight exposure won’t need as much heating power either. Once all of those factors have been tabulated, the technician can give you the exact size your new heater needs to be.

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