Wait, Insulation Works in the Summer Too?

A lot of Southern Californians don’t think they need insulation in their homes, since our winters are so mild. Here in Orange, CA, we’re much more concerned with summer, when temperatures climb into the triple digits, than we are with the odd rainy day or chilly night. Accordingly, many or our homes are under-insulated, which can be a huge mistake. Insulation works during every month out of the year, and adding more to your home can make a difference in winter and summer alike. Here’s how insulation works in the summer too.

Heat Transfer

Most insulation works by slowing conductive and convective heat flow. Conductive heat flow is heat flow through solid materials, while convective heat flow is heat flow through liquids and gases. When thermal energy enters the insulation it slows down, helping to keep the warm air in your home more readily. It’s also the reason why insulation is placed in your attic as well as the walls, since heat rises and can escape through your attic if you let it. This is part of what has given rise to the belief that insulation only works in cool weather.

A Two-Way Street

What most people fail to realize, however is that the heat transfer isn’t limited to one direction, Just as insulation keeps warm temperatures inside your house, it also works to keep hot temperatures outside your house from coming in. That means it keeps your home cool in the summer just as easily as it keeps it warm in the winter. And considering the heat of our So Cal summers, that’s actually much more important than help your heater. Of course, it only works if your home has sufficient insulation. With spring almost here, now is the time to consider adding more.

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