Air Filtration Systems Keep Your Household Healthy

Every heating and air conditioning system comes equipped with a filter to help strain dust and dirt out of the system. They work, but they need constant changing and they still don’t collect all of the dust and dirt that they might. That can be a problem in a dusty environment like we find in La Habra, CA. This is especially true in homes with sensitive residents, such as those with asthma or elderly family members with health concerns. You may want something more extensive to help keep the air in your home as clean as possible. An electronic air filtration system may be just what you need.

How It Works

Basic filters use screens or mesh to strain out dust and dirt. But even the finest screens still let small particles of dust through, which can cause a great deal of distress to sensitive family members. An electronic air filter changes that. It entails an ionization chamber, through which air passes as your heater or air conditioner runs. Any dirt in the chamber — no matter how small — is ionized and sticks to a collection plate or the sides of the chamber. As your HVAC system runs, the air in your home is gradually scrubbed clean.

Why It’s a Benefit

The biggest benefit to an electronic air filter is how thorough it is. With it installed, your air is cleaner and your family stays healthier. We especially recommend electronic air filters for households welcoming a new baby, in order to keep the infant happy and free of sickness.

In addition, electronic air filters help cut down on dust and dirt in the HVAC system itself. That helps it last longer and run more efficiently, which could conceivably save you a great deal of money.

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