Business Owners Can Keep Their Offices Healthy

Maintenance concept. Technician and pipes in background.If you own a business or manage an office space, then health is an important part of your job. You don’t want your workers to have to take a sick day, and you certainly don’t want any customers or partners to come away from your space with the local flu bug. Sick days cost businesses a great deal every year, and maintaining a healthy space makes good cost sense as well as looking out for the workers and customers who give you their best every day.

Unfortunately, winter is an especially difficult time as far as colds and illnesses goes, but that doesn’t mean you need to just prep for a lot of sick days every winter. There are adjustments and improvements you can make to improve the indoor air quality of your Brea, CA office or retail business space, which can lower the incidents of illness. Here’s how.

Colds Are Prevalent in the Winter

Winter season means colds and flu bugs. There are a number of reasons for that. It starts with dry air, which is common in the wintertime, and which can dry our sinuses and mucus membranes. That makes us more vulnerable to illness, since it’s our bodies’ primary means of staving off infection. Germs and bugs tend to spread between people quickly too, since we don’t want to leave doors and windows open with the weather so cold. That means cold bugs can circulate through our homes for months on end sometimes. Businesses compound that because there are usually more people working there, and the moment a customer or prospective partner shows up, it could introduce a whole new germ to your system.

Indoor Air Quality Products Can Help

The place to strike back against circulating germs in your business is through the HVAC system, which is where you can do the most good for the smallest investment. A number of indoor air quality products can help you with that, including:

  • UV Air Purifiers. UV stands for ultraviolet, and UV light, while harmless to multi-cellular life, will kill germs outright, or else render them incapable of reproducing. UV purifiers shine ultraviolet lights along the apex of your ducts at key points in your system. As the heater runs, it will scrub the air clean of germs, cutting down on illnesses in the process.
  • Electronic Air Filters. Most HVAC systems have filters in place which will screen out dust, dirt and other contaminants. An electric air filtration system does the same job by ionizing the dust as it passes through: making for a more effective cleaning system.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators and Energy Recovery Ventilators. ERV’s and HRV’s bring fresh air in from the outside and send stale air in your space out without having to open any doors or windows. A heat exchanger ensures that the incoming air stays the same temperature as the outgoing air, which allows your heater to stay effective and do its job.

If these sound like good options for your business, then call the pros at JC Mechanical, Inc. today!

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