Common Threats to Indoor Air Quality

With summer on its way in Anaheim, CA, we’re all focused on keeping indoor temperatures low and our households comfortable no matter how hot it is outside. But just as important as the indoor air temperature is the quality of your indoor air. Dust, humidity and other factors can make your home as uncomfortable as hot weather, and while you can treat them properly with the right product (installed by a professional, of course), you first need to understand the common threats to indoor air quality. That lets you identify the problem more accurately and find a device that can counteract it the most efficiently. We’ve provided a quick list below for you to check out.


Low humidity can often be a problem in the winter when temperatures drop and you get chapped lips and rashes on your skin. But high humidity is a problem as well, especially those hot, muggy days when your home can feel like a sauna. Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be installed in our HVAC system to help balance the moisture levels in the air.

Ventilation Issues

We’re used to buttoning our homes up tight during the summer, in order to hold on to the cool air generated by our air conditioners. But that can lead to stale air and a slow build-up of dust and similar contaminants in your home. It also becomes a breeding ground for germs to travel from one family member to another. ¬†An energy recovery ventilators placed in your attic can be just the thing to stop those issues cold.

Dust and Pollution

Southern California has done a lot to curtail its infamous pollution in recent years, but we still live in a desert climate, which means a lot of dust and similar contaminants in the air. If your air conditioner’s filter can’t handle the load, look into an electronic air filter, which ionized dust particles and removes them from circulation.

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