How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Help My AC?

Here in Orange, CA, we need to look for any edge we can find when it comes to your air conditioner. There are a number of upgrades and additions to your system that can lower strain on your AC and reduce bills accordingly. New thermostats and zone control systems can do wonders, but if you’re looking for a system that can really cut into those bills, you should consider an energy recovery ventilator in your attic. What is it and how can it help your AC? Read on for the answers.

Swapping Air Out

The concepts behind an ERV are very simple. It contains two lengths of ducts with fans on either end. One of them blows air out of your home and one of them pulls air into your home from outside. A heat exchanger in the middle of the ducts swaps the temperature from incoming to outgoing, ensuring that the “fresh” air stays as cool as the air leaving the home.

How Does That Help?

As far as the air conditioner goes, an ERV helps it keep the home cool with deceptive ease. According to estimates by the U.S. Department of Energy, it can cut down on your monthly  cooling bills by as much as 40%. With that comes an attendant reduction in strain on the system, which lowers the chances of a breakdown or serious repair job considerably.

On top of that, ERVs help keep the air in your home fresh without having to open any doors or windows. Besides a general feeling of well-being, it can help expel germs and similar contaminants from your home, lowering the chances of spreading colds and illnesses from family member to family member.

If an energy recovery ventilator sounds like a good fit for your home, call JC Mechanical, Inc. today!

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