Insulation Makes Your Heater and Air Conditioner Work Better

We live in La Habra, CA, and as chilly as the weather here has been of late, it’s nothing compared to the cold weather that people in the Midwest and East Cost have to deal with. That can lead us to become complacent about ways to improve our heater’s function, which often come down to improving household efficiency. In particular, insulation can do wonders for your heater, but also your air conditioner, and few Southern California homes have sufficient amounts of insulation owing to our hot summers. If you want to help your heater—and your air conditioner—work better, you might consider adding more.

Wait, Air Conditioner?

You heard us right. Most forms of insulation work by slowing the flow of heat through them, which prevents the warm air in your home from leaking out through the walls and attic. (Especially the attic, since hot air naturally rises.) But that process works both ways, and just as insulation can keep hot air in your home in the winter, so too can it keep hot air out of your home in the summer. That means insulation is just as useful when temperatures are spiking in July as they are in the winter when we feel like we don’t need it as much.

What Does More Insulation Do?

With more insulation in your home, the hot air generated by your heater and the cool air generated by your air conditioner will stay at the temperature you wish for longer periods of time. That means your system won’t have to work quite so hard to do its job. Your bills will go down accordingly, depending on use. More importantly, the reduced strain also means a reduced risk of a breakdown in the future, and lower repair bills accordingly.

Call on JC Mechanical to add new insulation to your home this winter!

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