Preparing Your Home for Fire Season

The dry season has arrived in Southern California, and we’ve already had out share of large brush fires. Here in Yorba Linda, CA, that can be a huge concern for homeowners, with nearby state parks dry as a bone and errant wildfires a constant issue. The more you can do to protect your home from fire dangers the better. We’ve included a basic list of steps you should take as a prudent homeowner.

Install Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors are required in most Southern California homes as a basic safety measure. You may want to consider upgrading yours to more modern models, or adding new ones to keep key areas like family bedrooms safe. Carbon monoxide detectors are a good idea too, sincefires can spread such gasses as well.

Keep a Kit Handy

A fire preparation kit should always be kept on-hand and nearby: somewhere where you can load it into the car in case of emergency evacuation. It should include one gallon of water per family member per day (in collapsible plastic containers if possible), non-perishable food, a medical kit, a battery-operate radio, a flashlight, a change of clothes, and nonprescription medication such as aspirin.

Install an Air Filter

Fires can sometimes threaten homes, but you can still be affected by fires that don’t come anywhere near your house, as smoke and ash interfere with air quality. Your HVAC system has a basic filter to help keep your air clean, but you can augment it with a more sophisticated air filter designed to capture much smaller particles. That way, your indoor air stays cleaner and your family will stay safe when the air quality drops because of a fire somewhere else in the Southland.

Call JC Mechanical today to discuss the installation of an indoor air filter.

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