Protect Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

We’ve all watched the development of the Blue Cut fire to the north of us with concern and alarm over the last few days, and our best wishes go out for the health and safety of those in the path of the blaze. Down here in La Habra, CA, homeowners and residents are affected as well, since our air quality has taken a huge dip, and officials are instructing everyone to remain indoors as much as possible. That makes your indoor air quality more important than ever — a health issue as well as a comfort issue — and our trained staff is ready to help with this issue, not only for this crisis but on an ongoing basis.

Change Your Filters

We’ll start with a step you can take yourself immediately: changing the filter in your HVAC system. These are designed to be swapped out and you should be changing yours every 2-3 months or so on average (you can buy replacement filters for your AC at most local home improvement stores. Look for high-end filters with very high MERV ratings (minimum efficiency reporting value), which provide more comprehensive coverage than those with lower ratings. And be ready to switch them out more often for the next few weeks as they deal with higher-than-average amount of contaminants in the air.

Consider an Upgrade

If you don’t ave an electronic air filter in your home, now is an excellent time to consider one, not only for help with this crisis, but going forward into the future. They eschew the use of a screen in favor of an ionization chamber, which charges any particle, no matter how small, and causes it to stick to a collection plate. It provides comprehensive coverage for your home in ways that simpler filters can’t.

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