Upgrades to Consider for Spring

We’ve just come off of a lengthy heat wave here in La Habra, CA, and while more rain and cooler weather is expected, it’s clear that summer will be here sooner than ever this year. Now is the time to take a good look at your air conditioner, get it cleaned and maintained and maybe think about some upgrades and improvements that will help it do its job better this year. They can be easily installed by a trained professional and most won’t interfere with the functioning of your air conditioner at all. Here’s a quick list of some of the products we recommend for our clients this time of year.


The summer season can get surprisingly humid in this neck of the woods, which spells trouble for your air conditioning system. Humid air feels warmer than it should, fostering mold and bacteria growth as well as forcing your AC to work harder to keep your air cool. A whole-house humidifier can work in conjunction with your system, helping to keep you cool while reducing strain and lowering your monthly bills.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

We rarely open our doors or windows in the summertime, and while that’s great for keeping the cold air in your home, it can lead to a stuffy feeling as well as helping germs to circulate. The solution is an energy recovery ventilator or ERV. It uses a pair of ducts to move stale air out of your home and fresh air in, with a heat exchanger in the middle to make the incoming air the same temperature as the outgoing air. As a result, your home will feel fresher and cleaner, and will retain cool temperatures much more readily, helping to further reduce your bills in the process.

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