Why Insulation Is Important All Year Round

When you hear people talking about insulation, you may often associate it with protecting your home from the chill of winter. But in Southern California, the wintertime doesn’t last nearly as long as the warmer weather does. It may seem as though insulation is unnecessary for our climate, since you may not need a heater throughout much of the year. As it turns out, however, insulation is just as important for the summer months as it is in the winter.

To understand how insulation helps to keep you comfortable throughout the year, you must first understand a few things about the terms “hot” and “cold.” Scientifically, heat is a form of energy that can be measured, while “cold” is not. There is no cold energy out there—only a lack of heat. Heat moves naturally from a warmer to a cooler area, which is why it moves into your home in the summer and out of your home in the winter, causing the air to feel cold.

Insulation can be made of one of many materials, including natural fibers like wool and cotton, polystyrene, polyurethane, fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose. When enough insulation is installed in a home, it resists conductive and convective heat transfer to some degree. Therefore, it’s more difficult for heat to move into a home in the summertime and for heat to exit your home in the winter.

Insulation helps to keep you feeling more comfortable as the level of heat in your home is retained. And you may even be able to shut off your air conditioner or heating system entirely. It is also important for the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. The less you use your air conditioner or heater, the less you’ll have to pay in energy costs, and you lower the risk of a sudden heating or AC breakdown.

It’s best to have a trained technicians help you to select your new insulation and find the insulating material with the best R-value, a measure of the insulation material’s effectiveness, for the space that requires it. Call JC Mechanical Inc. to speak with professionals about insulation in La Habra today.

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