3 Signs of Trouble with Your Ice Machine

If you own a restaurant or food preparation service in La Habra, CA, you need a high quality ice machine to keep your business running. Ice keeps drinks cold, provides our customers with water before their meal and can be used to keep food products such as fresh meats or dairy products from spoiling while you display them. When your ice machine runs into trouble, it can put a serious crimp in your business. Luckily, a qualified repair service can solve the problem fairly quickly. What kinds of problems would they be? Here are 3 signs of trouble with your ice machine that you would do well to look out for.

1.     Misshapen Ice

You normally need ice from the machine to be in small cubes easily placed into a glass or under the food in a display case. Lumped, misshapen ice can’t readily be used for this purpose, and can turn off potential customers very quickly. Misshapen ice can be caused by an excess of air in the water/air mixture, water leaks inside the ice machine or a lack of chilled air in the storage section.

2.     Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the ice machine turns off unexpectedly, then turns on again a few minutes later. This usually happens because an internal component is overheating and the system need to shut off to keep it from completely melting down. A trained technician can usually get to the bottom of it very quickly.

3.     Puddles

Puddles are often caused by leaks in the water, but they can also be a problem in cases where the ice isn’t melting sufficiently, or there’s some similar breach within the ice machine itself. You’ll need to hunt down the source of the leak and have it sealed before the ice machine will work again.

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