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Does My AC Unit Have to Be Serviced?

Monday, July 4th, 2016

If you have an air conditioner here in Orange, CA — and if you don’t then you really should, since our summers are too hot to go without it — then it’s imperative to get it serviced at least once a year and possibly more often. You may as well ask whether your car needs an oil change or not. In the immediacy of the moment, probably not, but if you don’t schedule one on a regular basis, it’s apt to cause a lot of trouble very quickly. (more…)

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Our air conditioners run for long periods of time here in La Habra, CA, but if yours won’t shut off after it’s clearly supposed to, there may be something significantly wrong. If you notice your air conditioner running past the point when it’s sufficiently cooled your house, or struggling to do its job by running for hours on end without the air cooling sufficiently, turn it off—by cutting power to the unit if necessary—and call a skilled repair technician to resolve the problem. The exact nature of the problem varies, but may include one of the following issues: (more…)

How to Maximize Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Monday, June 15th, 2015

When summertime hits in La Habra, CA, we need our air conditioners to function like pros, and provided they’ve been properly installed and well-maintained, they usually do. However, we’re also used to paying a small fortune in energy costs whenever the temperatures start to spike, which can cover up for the fact that you may be paying more than necessary on cooling bills each summer.


Yes, Your Heat Pump Needs Spring Maintenance as Well

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The spring is the time when air conditioning systems should have their annual maintenance. Although maintenance can technically be take care of at any point during the year, spring is the best time because it gives the system prep right before the biggest period of use. (It’s also an easier time to schedule with HVAC technicians, who have more open schedules between winter and summer.)