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Should I Install a Boiler for Home Heating?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Keeping a home in Southern California warm during the colder seasons isn’t as taxing a job as making it through the hot summers. But this actually makes it even more important that you select the right heater for your home: you want to have a heating system that will provide enough heat for the short periods when it’s necessary, but which will not drain too much money while it’s running. You should aim for a combination of efficiency and heating power that will line up with your budget.

One possibility to consider for home heating is a boiler. Boilers are not as common as furnaces, but they have some features that give them a special edge. To find out more details and to see if a boiler is a wise choice for your home, contact JC Mechanical Inc. We offer installation and other services for boilers in Santa Ana, CA and throughout Southern California.

Some reasons to consider a boiler for your next heating installation

  • Energy efficiency: Boilers, especially gas boilers, work at high levels of energy efficiency. Because they do not use forced-air for heat the way that a furnace does, they don’t lose heat through ductwork.
  • Long lifespan: There are few heating systems on the market today that can outlast a boiler. The reason for this is that boilers do not contain a large number of mechanical parts; they work primarily through water circulation. With fewer moving parts to wear down, a boiler can obtain a lengthy service life, helping you receive the most out of your initial investment. You can also expect to spend less money on repairs for a boiler (provided that you keep up with regular maintenance).
  • Even heating: Boilers use radiant heating to warm up rooms. They send heated water to raise the temperature of various terminal points (radiators, baseboard heaters) which then send heat waves into the space. This creates a more even spread of heat through a room than air blown from a vent.
  • Better indoor air quality: Radiant heating is also cleaner heating, since it doesn’t pick up and blow around dust and dirt that collects inside ductwork. If you have people in your household who suffer from allergies or asthma, a boiler is an excellent option to give them relief.

A boiler isn’t the best match for every home, and other systems such as furnaces and heat pumps have their advantages as well. To find out what your best options for home heating are, call JC Mechanical Inc. and let our technicians assist you. From furnaces to boilers in Santa Ana, CA, let us help you make the best choice.