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Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for the Heat?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Southern California weather may be the envy of much of the rest of the country, but our summers are nothing to take lightly. Air conditioners undergo heavy workouts during the lengthy hot season, with days ranging from warm to scorching. Your home’s central AC will likely run every day for the majority of the summer, so it is very important to make sure that the system is ready for that significant workload. You don’t want to deal with an ineffective air conditioner, expensive repairs, or “worst case scenario” total system breakdown during the hottest days of the years.

JC Mechanical Inc. can help see that your air conditioning in Garden Grove, CA is in the best shape possible to handle the heat with minimal trouble. Call us today to sign up for our maintenance program or to have any repairs done before the temperature grows any warmer. You can trust to our more than two decades of experience keeping homes cool through the Southern California summers.

Spring maintenance is the key to summer readiness

Although you can take a few basic steps on your own to see that an AC is ready for summer, such as changing the air filter and paying close attention to odd noises from the cabinet when you first turn it on, the most important part of preparing residential air conditioning for the rigors of hot weather is to arrange for a spring maintenance visit from an HVAC professional. This maintenance provides an AC with an inspection and tune-up that will reduce wear and tear on the unit, locate any hidden repair issues, and make adjustments that will keep the system running at its most energy efficient.

During maintenance, the technician cleans the important components of the AC, such as the coils and the motors, to see that they present the lowest risk possible of failing in the next few months. If the technician notices places where aging components or excess strain is leading to a future malfunction, he or she will bring your attention to it so you can arrange for the necessary repair work before the AC starts its regular summer schedule. The technician also checks that the air filter is clean and there are no other airflow issues that will place undue strain on the system.

Once the maintenance session is over, you’ll have an air conditioner that should present you with few to no troubles over the summer. Although there’s no way to avoid all repair needs in an air conditioner, maintenance can prevent around 85% of them.

If you have yet to schedule maintenance for your home’s air conditioning in Garden Grove, CA, call JC Mechanical Inc. today and we’ll be glad to set up a convenient appointment to take care of it.

What Air Purifier Is Right for Your Home?

Friday, January 30th, 2015

The air in the average home is teeming with thousands and thousands of microscopic contaminants. These contaminants range in intensity, from minor lung irritants like dust and pollen to more serious infectious agents like viruses and bacteria. All of these contaminants contribute to lowering the air quality in your home, as well as making you sick. Several varieties of air purifiers have been invented to clear the air of these contaminants. Each air purifier has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the different air purifiers available to you, and which one would be right for your home.

Air Filters

Air filters have the simplest construction of all air purifiers, and are also some of the most common. An air filter consists of a woven fiber mesh, stretched over a frame and installed either in a portable device or the home’s ductwork. As air travels through this mesh, the particulates in the air are trapped in the filter. Every once in a while, the filter is removed, cleaned, and replaced. This prevents contaminants from freely circulating throughout your house.

Ionization Purifiers

Ionization air purifiers are devices that create an electromagnetic field around themselves. As particles in the air pass through this field, they are given a negative charge that causes them to seek out a positively charged surface to stick to. Inside the ionization purifier are one or two metal plates, which provide a convenient surface for the particulates to stick to. Then, the plates can simply be removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants.

Ionization filters are a great choice because they can cover a wide area, and actively draw contaminants to themselves. However, they also produce ozone, which is considered a toxic gas by the EPA. Many ionization filters include extra safety measures to capture any ozone that might be produced. Make sure that if you get an ionization filter, you get one that includes these safety features.

UV Germicidal Lights

Many of the biological contaminants in your air are extremely vulnerable to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The radiation destroys certain parts of their cellular structure, preventing them from multiplying or killing them outright. An UV germicidal light takes advantage of this by bathing the area around itself in ultraviolet light, cleansing the air of these biological contaminants.

If you’d like to know more, call JC Mechanical Inc. We provide professional air purifier installation in the Garden Grove area.