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Energy Recovery Ventilators in La Habra, CA by JC Mechanical Inc.

There’s a troubling contradiction when it comes to increasing the quality of your indoor air while also maintaining energy efficiency in your home: in order to bring in fresh air to the rooms of a house, you must open up windows and doors to the outside; but doing this will place strain on either your heating system or air conditioning (likely your air conditioning in Southern California), causing a significant energy waste and increased bills. Is there any way around this dilemma?

There are several, actually. We’d like to bring your attention to one of the best: the installation of an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). As the name implies, an ERV helps to ventilate your house while recovering energy that might otherwise be lost because of fresh air exposure. An ERV must have installation from a professional, so give our indoor air quality specialists at JC Mechanical Inc. a call today and ask about this service. We also repair and maintain energy recovery ventilators in La Habra, CA and throughout Southern California.

If you want better indoor air quality combined with energy savings for your home, look to JC Mechanical Inc.. We install and service energy recovery ventilators in La Habra, CA and the surrounding areas.

How an Energy Recovery Ventilator Works

An ERV is an appliance that is integrated into the HVAC system of a home. In simple terms, it draws in fresh air from the outside and then "pre–conditions" it using the indoor air through a process called counter–flow heat exchange.

A more detailed account of how an ERV works during a hot California day: The unit draws in fresh, hot air into the ventilation system through an outdoor vent, while at the same time drawing in stale, cool air through the indoor return vents. Both currents of air pass through the ERV. As they move through and around each other, heat moves from the hot fresh air and transfers to the stale indoor air; this is counter–flow heat exchange. The fresh air has now cooled down because it has lost most of its heat to the outgoing stale air. The stale air is vented to the outside, while the fresh air moves to the air conditioner. Because the air has already been "pre–cooled" in the ERV, the air conditioner will not suffer a loss in efficiency cooling it down before sending to the rooms.

The process works in the same fashion for colder weather: the cool outdoor air gains heat from the warm indoor air, taking the pressure off the heating system. In addition to heat transfer, moisture also moves between the two air currents, helping to balance humidity in a home during either warm or cool weather.

Call Us for ERV Installation and Other Services in La Habra, CA

An ERV recovers around 85% of the energy that would otherwise be lost if a home was open to the outside. This is a significant savings, and you’ll enjoy fresh air along with those lower bills. But it’s important that you rely on skilled indoor air quality technicians to find the right energy recovery ventilator for your home (or heat recovery ventilator, a similar type of system with a few important differences) and see that it is installed so it preforms as it should.

JC Mechanical Inc. is glad to help you with installing a new ERV for your home in La Habra, CA. If you already are enjoying the many benefits of an energy recovery ventilator, you can reach out to us for any service you may require to keep it in optimal condition.