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Heat Recovery Ventilators in La Habra, CA by JC Mechanical Inc.

If your house constantly feels stuffy and uncomfortable, you probably need to bring in more fresh air to clean out the stale indoor air. However, opening up your windows in Southern California will usually bring in heat with it, and it can ruin the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system and result in high bills. On the occasional cold day, you’ll experience similar problems with your heating system. You need to find a way to draw fresh air into the rooms of your house without compromising on energy efficiency. This is what a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can do for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about heat recovery ventilators and if you should have one installed in your home in La Habra, CA, call up the indoor air quality team at JC Mechanical Inc.. We install both HRVs and the similar energy recovery (ERV) systems. We also provide any necessary repair or maintenance service that an HRV might require. Place your trust in us and we will help you enjoy better air quality without sacrificing home energy efficiency.

The indoor air quality professionals at JC Mechanical Inc. provide installation and other services for heat recovery ventilators in La Habra, CA and the surrounding areas.

Reasons to Consider Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator

What does an HRV do and why is it helpful? A heat recovery ventilator brings fresh air to a home’s interior with fans while exhausting outdoor air. Both currents of air move through each other in the HRV, where a process called counter–flow heat exchange occurs: the warmer current transfers heat to the cooler one. So during a hot day, the fresh outdoor air loses its heat to the indoor air current, and is pre–conditioned before it reaches the air conditioner. On a cold day, the outdoor air gains heat from the indoor air, so it’s already warmed up before it reaches the heater.

The benefit of this is that the HRV recovers heat and prevents the heat loss or heat gain that would otherwise occur when fresh air enters a home. The air conditioner or heater will need to do less work. You will have lower energy bills and enjoy fresh and relaxing air in your home.

What Is the Difference Between an HRV and an ERV?

People often ask about the difference between a heat recovery ventilator and an energy recovery ventilator. They actually work in almost the same fashion, using the same components. The difference is that water vapor transfers between the air currents in an energy recovery ventilator, which provides some level of moisture control that a heat recovery ventilator does not.

Does this automatically mean that an ERV is the superior choice? Definitely not; it depends on your local climate as well as your house. For moderate dry climates, an HRV may be the optimal and more cost–effective option. Please consult with an indoor air quality professional to determine whether your home will benefit most from an energy or heat recovery ventilator.

We Offer Heat Recovery Ventilator Services in La Habra, CA

If you are ready for fresh air in your home with the hassles of high cooling and heating bills, just give JC Mechanical Inc. a call. We will help you find the right heat recovery ventilator for your home in La Habra, CA. Keep us in mind for any future service you may need for the unit.