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Newport Beach Air Conditioning, Heating and Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

To get the most out of life in beautiful and sunny Newport Beach, CA, you must have quality cooling and heating for your home throughout the year. At JC Mechanical Inc., we deliver professional services for air conditioning and heating systems in the area, including new installations, repairs, and routine maintenance. We also offer commercial HVAC and refrigeration services, and specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication. We have been in business since 1992, and can deliver emergency repairs and other services whenever you require them.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Newport Beach, CA?

One of the principal priorities for indoor comfort in Newport Beach is an effective air conditioning system that is ready to go to work when the thermometer begins to rise into the red. You can count on the expertise of JC Mechanical Inc. to handle whatever you need to keep the cooling in your house running throughout the long warm seasons. Call us for a new installation, fast repairs, or regular maintenance service for your AC system.

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

There are more choices for air conditioning systems than ever before, so make sure that you only call on experienced technicians to help you select the ideal new AC to cool down your home. We have many years of providing excellent air conditioning installations to homes in the area.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

When an air conditioner starts to act up–losing its cooling power, short–cycling, making strange noises, or refusing to turn on at all–call for our skilled assistance right away. You should never risk attempting AC repair work on your own, since this might damage the system further. Let us take on the job so that you get the necessary work done right and done fast.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

An air conditioning system will start to run down due to mechanical wear and tear and the accumulation of dirt and dust on its components. You can keep age from catching up with your AC too fast through regular professional maintenance that will inspect and tune–up the system each year. Call us today to sign up for our preventive maintenance program.

We Offer Heat Pumps or Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are one of the best options available for comfort. Unlike standard ACs and furnaces, which provide either heating or cooling, a heat pump can do both–and often at superior energy efficiency levels. We can install a new heat pump for your house or handle the services necessary for a current heat pump.

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

Do you live in an older home without sufficient room for ducts? Are you planning to remodel your home or build a new one, and you want to save space? Then consider having a ductless cooling system installed. These air conditioners use wall–mounted blowers to provide direct cooling for rooms without needing to resort to ducts that gain heat through their walls and collect dust. Talk to our AC specialists today to learn more about ductless cooling.

Do You Need Heating Services or a Heating System?

Although Newport Beach, CA has a superb year–round climate, the cold weather can still blow in off the ocean and create chilly nights. You won’t want your home to be without an effective heating system when this happens! Make sure you receive excellent heating services so you’ll always stay warm no matter the temperature outside: call the HVAC professionals at JC Mechanical Inc..

We Offer Boilers and Boiler Service

For an excellent way to warm a house without needing ducts, consider installing a boiler. Boilers provide heating that is both effective and energy–efficient, and they can outlast most other heating systems. Schedule boiler installation or other professional services (repairs, maintenance) with us today.

We Install and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

The majority of homes use a furnace to provide them with heat. If you have a furnace in your house–either a gas furnace or an electric furnace–you can trust to the skill and experience of our heating technicians when it’s time for repairs or regular inspections and tune–up. We also install and replace furnaces, and we will see that you receive the right new boiler to keep your household cozy.

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality with Our Services

The strong insulation on homes today also means they receive less circulation of fresh air, and this causes indoor air quality to suffer as a result. However, you can increase the air quality in your home in Newport Beach, CA with the help of the HVAC technicians at JC Mechanical Inc.. We offer a wide range of indoor air quality services, including the installation of air filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Contact us to learn about the many options available.

We Install and Service Air Filtration Systems

An air filtration system is a mechanical filter that stops contaminating particles from circulating through an air conditioner and heater and into a home’s living spaces. You must rely on professionals to select the filters that will deal with the pollutants in your home while still allowing the HVAC system to work efficiently. Our indoor air quality team will fit your home with the right filters and keep them working.

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Mechanical filters are not the only way to clean a home’s air. Electronic air purifiers ionize the air moving through a residential HVAC system and attract the tiny contaminating particles to a pair of plates. Our specialists will determine if your home will benefit from air purifiers and then install the right type. You can count on them for repairs and routine maintenance as well.

We Install and Service Humidifiers

When the air in your home becomes too dry and begins to create discomfort and health issues, call on our indoor air quality team to install a whole–house dehumidifier. We will see that the new system balances the moisture in your home and doesn’t accidentally make the air too humid.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Everybody knows that muggy and humid air is uncomfortable. But it’s also unhealthy, and it can even cause damage to a home because of mold and mildew growth. A whole–house dehumidifier can stop these problems and help you stay cool during warm temperatures. Contact our indoor air quality experts to find out more about services for dehumidifiers.

We Install and Service Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a device attached to an HVAC system that draws outdoor air and runs it past a current of indoor air. The process pre–heats or pre–cools the fresh air before it enters an AC or heating system. This allows you to receive fresh air inside your home, increasing comfort and health, without risking a rise in your heating and cooling bills. We offer installation and other services for ERVs; call for more details.

We Install and Service Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is similar in most ways to an ERV. The difference is that an HRV is suited best for working during colder outdoor temperatures. Which system is the better choice for your home? Call our indoor air quality professionals today and they will help you find out. They are also ready to help fix and maintain your current HRV or ERV.

We Specialize in Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

The ventilation systems in many homes and businesses today are inefficient and messy because they rely on standard ductwork instead of ducts custom–built for the available space. You don’t need to have subpar ductwork, however! Call on the custom sheet metal fabricators at JC Mechanical Inc. and let our experienced specialists handle the ductwork design for your home or work space in Newport Beach, CA.

Do You Need Commercial Services?

You should never trust commercial HVAC work to non–specialists. The requirements of commercial buildings are more complicated to handle and only experts should take on installation, repairs, and maintenance. Businesses in Newport Beach, CA have often turned to JC Mechanical Inc. for their commercial heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and refrigeration needs, and we would love for your business to join our family of satisfied customers.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning Services

You do not want unhappy clientele and employees inside your building because of an absent or ineffectual cooling system. To make sure that your company, whether a restaurant, store, or office space, has quality air conditioning, call on our highly–trained commercial air conditioning technicians. We do it all: installation, regular maintenance, repairs of any size.

We Offer Commercial Refrigeration Services

We carry a large number of commercial refrigeration products, such as freezers, ice machines, and wine refrigerators. You can trust any installations and repairs you may need to our knowledgeable staff.

We Install and Service Commercial Freezers

One of our specialties is installing commercial freezing units and keeping them working with skilled repairs and regular maintenance. We will make sure you receive the best commercial freezer for your business’ needs, no matter what they are.

We Install and Service Wine Refrigerators

Wine must be kept at the right temperature to ensure that it has the finest taste. To protect your investment in wine for your restaurant, bar, or store, call on professionals like ours for installation and other services. We are here for you when you need us.